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Rate Hot Cam Girl ZoeyLarken

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? I can look delicate and soft , i can talk about love and dream as much as I can put some real high heels , one black leather dress and some red lipstick and go out to party in a wild way. This is me, classy , funny and with a twist of spicy.

? Love to talk in a summer night over a glass of wine , listen to some good music. I am a fan of going out and party till the sun will come up and there are days when a simple movie will sound as a dream. All of them i like to share with someone who is as crazy as me,as funny as i wish to be and naughty as he can prove. ?

? When you try to manipulate me, lie to me, boss me around and most when you think i am one nice puppet of your collection . I can be whatever you wish, according with how you treat me. ?


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